Rugby Buddha T

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Buddha image on the front center and Buddha Proverbs on the back side.

Buddha Proverbs on this shirt...

  • The greater the obstacle the more glory in overcoming it. - Moliere
  • The greater the obstacle the more gore in overcoming it. - Rugby Buddha
  • The rugby world is simple: Forwards tend to be your bigger more dangerous looking types, especialy around mealtime. Backs, on the other hand, spend an inordinate amount of time on grooming and personal hygiene. - Rugby Buddha
  • All life (rugby is life) is suffering... only through the overcoming of ignorance (learn the game) and attachment (pass the ball) may we cast off all earthly bonds (breakdowns in phase) and reach nirvana (the try zone). - Rugby Buddha
  • Skinny Buddha represents the journey. Fat Buddha represents the destination to which all true ruggers eventually come. - Rugby Buddha
  • The Buddha looked within himself and found the answer to the questions posed by rugby play in the pack. He became one with the pack, neither fighting nor succumbing to it's terrible and violent force. He became the center of the Pack and thus the center of the game. He became the hooker. - Rugby Buddha