Design Help

1000s of jerseys later, we have learned a thing or two about design.

Some times you just have to put your head in there and push. We would be pleased to help you design your kit, and other team apparel. Don't settle for a quick, bad idea.

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For any inquiries, please call 800 RUGBY US or email us at

Have a clue?

Our approach is to work with customers using what they have already conceived and show them a few versions that are similar in their colorways, then fine-tune the ones they like into proofs for voting, sharing, deciding. 

Have absolutely no clue?

Oh, you are not the first. A clean drawing board can be fun. We have lots of examples to get you going that we can send you. 

Have a design from an online kit designer?

Perfect. We can make a proof from any design you have dreamed up using online software or your own design skills. Just send it along and we will make a proof, sort PMS colors, etc.

Have a pic scribbled on a napkin?

Love it. Take a pic. Scan that puppy. We can work with it. Some of our best-designed jerseys used to be faxed to us..back in the day. They were glorified doodles really. And we made them look great. Ahhhh, remember fax machines? :)

We will even help you gather your team's input.

Need a bit of a push to get things going? We will make up an easy survey for you to send out. And sure, you could do it, but will you? We like to make it easy!

We are confident we can make you the perfect set- any design or style that you choose!