It began innocently enough, ’95ish. Some sideline sales of t-shirts led to smiles, conversations, and the hint of a fun hobby. And our founder, a flanker/flyhalf combo, managed to fund a trip to Europe with the cash.

First time across the pond… a big deal. So a few classic shirts- namely CARPE RUGGUM and NO COMPARISON – led to a tiny bit of a small paper stack; these were college years, after all.

Too much fun on a sideline, then the hobby morphed into a mail order- yes, mail order!- business, operated out of one room, then two rooms, then a basement office.

We moved. We shook. We vended everywhere, everything. And we trained,  played, coached, sprinted, and lugged, too.

BallsOutRugby pioneered sublimated rugby jerseys in the US in 1999 and never looked back. Wavy hoops led to zebra stripes and beyond.  We opened the Southeast's first rugby shop just north of Atlanta and moved it to Alpharetta in 2015.

And on we went- 20 glorious years later, we THANK YOU!

“Thanks again. You guys are really nice to work with and you were all very patient with me in getting the orders and money from the girls! I appreciate your hard work and generosity! Have a great day!

Britta -Univ of Kansas Jayhawks WRFC

Think that your company is the best around. Has not gotten too big that you forget why we are all here, for the love of the game and the companionship of our teammates. 

Jenn - Bloomsburg Women’s Rugby Club

Thank you, for your assistance and for your terrific service!

Jack M - Maryland

Thank you for such SHORT notice. You pull this off, you will be on the top of  my 'buy that guy a beer' list!!!! See ya on the pitch ----

Sean - Upstate NY

I got it!!!! It looks amazing!! and Yes I can get you pictures!

Sheridan - Custom Single Ball


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