Small Biz Saturday & more

It has been one EXCITING week around here! The new site has so many new fun aspects and the REWARDS program is already paying off for folks. Literally.

So, a few thoughts on why to shop small, year 'round.

Remember the 70s & 80s? If so, that is almost enough said. But if not, stay with us, here.

The topsy-turvy world of now, that is upsetting many and benefiting fewer, think about the last time a small business was the culprit. Hard to do. The big companies generally do more more behind the scenes damage and 'bad stuff' than most of us can imagine. So that's one really good reason right there.

Then think about the last inspiring business person you have heard of or known; they were probably a hard-working part of a small business.  We're thinking a dusty pizza parlor owner, a twisted yoga teacher, a florist with a super human knack for flower fixing. They run the gamut, and they are the backbone of our country's wonderful system of enterprise.

And guess what they want most? A new customer, just like you!