Parents rugby your kids right now!

Parents rugby your kids right now!


Feel free to take this subject line a few ways!

How about this spring for really turning your kids on to rugby with some new and different approaches? Here are a few suggestions that are guaranteed to make your kids appreciate more about rugby.

Take the little ones to watch big kids practice. Find out where your local men's and women's clubs run their practices near you and take an evening with the kids to observe. You can try out some of the things they see as a small group. You can bring their other little friends and have a quick picnic. We can hear the clamoring for parent of the month now.

Feeling a little bit more daring? Find a local spot to view some of the international matches where they'll let the kids enjoy them with you. Then take advantage of that early morning weekend urge that children sometimes have and get them to a real rugby match.

Finally, in this short yet effective list, make sure your kids get to view women's rugby soon. The benefits are both obvious and subtle.

Getting folks excited about rugby means exposing them to our special atmosphere, the efforts of those who are better than them, and the power of all athletes, especially ruggers! Let's start with the little ones.