New friends in American Football, perhaps?

New friends in American Football, perhaps?

We have not Googled this yet. We promise. We assert that American football teams that have worked with rugby techniques and rugby players to change their style of play, experience fewer incidences of injury, especially to the head. 

For many years in USA rugby, there have been acrimonious relationships at many schools between football and rugby coaches. They didn't want us taking their players, and in many cases rugby coaches really wanted those kids to cross over to the 'good side'.

And if you survey most of the sports, the football players are great candidates to give rugby a try.

Right now, football has a truly huge issue with concussions and other injuries. The time is right for rugby coaches, staff and players to reach out to football enthusiasts and coaches and offer to bring techniques and skills to football that will benefit them.

They need us. And we are certain that in those conversations there will be sparks for players to actually cross over to rugby and for football enthusiasts to begin to appreciate the beauty of our game.

We ruck. We hit each other without helmets over and over. We, as fearless ruggers, still have enough sense not to lead with our heads. At least not after our rookie season :-)

There is a grace to rugby that is equalled by no other sport. Let's use this to our advantage, start conversations with footballers, and benefit from the good things that result.

We are ahead of the curve and rugby can stay there.