Labor of Love

Labor of Love

Sometimes you look back at your athletic career and wonder how you did it. And others, in the middle of their careers, stare in awe at themselves and wonder how they are doing it!

We've got school. Jobs. Family. Social tedia. Volunteer work. Friends. Meetings. Training sessions. Conditioning sessions. Away games. Home games. Other hobbies (?!) Crazy rugby tournaments!

And for many of us, rugby brings us the most fun, connections and fulfillment.

It's easy to get stretched in all directions, but always remember the true treasures rugby and other sports can bring. In a lot of ways, ruggers can do so much and push so hard because rugby gives us energy. You've got to put the benefits of the jokes from your heavy hitting (breathing) pack right up there with with the heart and lung building time you spend on the pitch.

And as your knees or other body parts start to fade, be happy. 

There are always so many ways to stay involved after one's playing days are over. And with that, we give a big shout-out to referees, coaches and managers of rugby everywhere!