Instead of PEDs, let's push CESs!

Instead of PEDs, let's push CESs!

Once again, a story of a rich, well known athlete consuming performance enhancing drugs has topped our national news! And the unnamed one hangs out with avowed health nut TB12 on the regular!  Peace, brah...

Ah, but that's that lowbrow American football, you say... 

Let's try another sport. During these NBA Finals, it seems like every single one of them is saying no to Wheaties and yes to Whinies!  We're thinking being on a first-name basis with the referees and being allowed to yell and contort themselves over every other call sets up a baaad sitch for these all star 'charmers'.  Oh, and having a lot more time between plays and in time out to complain helps/hurts. Two tries could be scored in a rugby sevens match in the time they take to complain about one play.

We will save commentary on the annoying, reflexive habit of looking up at the large monitor after every play for another blog. Restraint. Let it reign.

The NBA press conferences have become preening fashion shows (how about 'Bron's purse?) and consist of a lot of dancing around laborious questions and pointing fingers without officially doing so.

Viva Character Enhancing Sports!

So it's time to shift our focus to the beauty of rugby and how it develops character, hopefully in a way keeping participants far from PEDs and allowing them to express themselves without becoming crybabies right there on the pitch. 

If you have a social media account for yourself or your team (uh yep, that's all y'all), make sure a couple times a month that you give a shout out to excellent sportsmanship.

Be sure to give compliments to those on your team who always keep their cool but still manage to be true animals on the Rugby field. If there's someone lacking respect towards the referees, do the rugby thing and try to de-fuse the situation with class and honor.

And, if you know or suspect a friend is using any kind of performance-enhancing drug, say something!

Character Enhancing Sports. Rugby leads the pack!