How to get more health into your rugby diet....

It is National Almond Day... a great time for a nutrition PSA!

Of course, you need more fruits, and vegetables and nuts in your life- and rugby is not the only source for these valuable nutrients! We are laughing; hope you are, too.

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So an EASY trick to get more of these in your life is to MAKE them visible. Place jars of almonds, or dried fruit, or walnuts where you can see them, and literally watch their levels drop in the vessel while the nutrients add up inside of you.

Stack up some energy bars right where you can see them in your room and sub something good for you for any fast food that might tempt you.

Brew a bunch of tea for the week [alkaline, good friends- always right] and set it on the counter, where it will beg you to chug some each and every day!


This prudence WILL show up in your body's performance.

More energy, less sickness, more stamina.



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