Feed refugees not hookers!

Feed refugees not hookers!


After chain watching some great International matches this weekend, we just have to wonder, when will the feeding end?

The scrum down was intentionally designed to give both teams a chance at the ball. Just look at what we go through to get there into position! At this point, we've got the ball entering the scrum around the flankers feet it seems.

What is one of the main reasons we need to change this up? No one likes anything better than a hungry, offensive back-row taking the ball against the head and rumbling!

Plus when you appreciate the wide-open style of a team like Fiji, you realize that an equal chance at scrums would encourage that kind of play. And everyone loves those screaming go for it pieces of rugby action.

At this point at the level of the big players, we're talking about two feet roughly that needs to be given back in the interest of rugby fairness. 

Many of these rugby scrumdowns are starting to remind us of NFL kickoffs. Goodness, let's not let that happen.

If we can square this aspect of rugby with how it should be, we will have more wheeling and more number 8s dealing!

Feed the hungry, except the hookers.