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Here comes the colorful sidelines, the scent of slightly burnt burgers, the cheers and yes, the screams at every match, do notice, of the eternally important rugby phrase…. that’s right–┬áBALL’S OUT!

So, the FALL SEASON is among us— more moves for us.

How about the fun-loving crowd from this year’s Mudfish?



Lots of fun and sideline squeals- we can’t wait!

If you seek a real rugby supplier for your tourney, big home game or sideline bash, we can and will make magic happen on your sidelines.

We provide the widest array of quality merchandise for ruggers and fans of all ages while also making the host teams happy. From huge 100+ team tournaments like Saranac Lake’s CANAM tournament to more laidback 7’s gigs, from state high school championships to the Military Nationals… we love them all!

Go to the ‘bin’ for the host… we do, but we leave out the sinning part…

Sweet submitted photo featuring the Alexandria Roosters RFC

If you would like BALL’S OUT! Rugby to vend your upcoming tournament, please call us at 800-RUGBY US or email us with your information and we will contact you and make some arrangements, and see what we can do for you!