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It began innocently enough, ’95ish. Some sideline sales of t-shirts led to smiles, conversations, and the hint of a fun hobby. And our founder, a flanker/flyhalf combo, Regina, managed to fund a trip to Europe with the cash.

First time across the pond… a big deal.

So a few classic shirts- namely CARPE RUGGUM and NO COMPARISON (note the totally 90s font!) – led to a tiny bit of a small paper stack; these were college years, after all. Too much fun on a sideline, and yes, there was a torn ACL involved. So the hobby started a mail order- yes, mail order!- business, operated out of a bedroom, then two bedrooms, then a basement office.

We moved. We shook. We vended everywhere, everything. And we trained,  played, coached, sprinted, and lugged, too.

We pioneered sublimated rugby jerseys in the US in 1999 and never looked back.

[Before this innovation, we actually had been known to try to paint cow spots on cotton jerseys; a special customer/friend bellowed charmingly and  so, yes,  there were low moments.]

Wavy hoops led to zebra stripes and beyond. Initially, lots of folks preferred the classic knits, and get this right- we love them- but, we gradually heard more and folks saying they liked the “new ones”. The sublimates had some advantages: the breathing, the logos, the creativity.

Just check out the jerseys the Irish national team were sporting back in the days when we introduced poly-dri sublimates… See what we mean? A change was a’comin.

Since our mid-90’s beginnings, we have focused on three main aspects of team rugby supply, namely: service, quality and innovation.

As we moved through the pre sinbin decade, we invented t’s, designed better shorts, created cool packages and the like.

We shook. We booked. We continued to vend rugby events everywhere- even overseas- and we brought smiles, interest, and lots of colorful gear! Sidelines were happier and we were, too. From NashBash, to Ruggerfest, to Can Ams, we love serving, meeting and knowing our ever-expanding, beloved rugby family.

We have moved into a powerful new time for BALL’S OUT! Rugby.

So a special thank you to those of you who worked with us through the long years, pre-new website.  Want us to prove our appreciation? Send us a pic with a t-shirt bought from us before Sept 2011, and we will send you a $15 coupon AND enter you to win a 6 pack of rugby balls!

We have brought on Scott Mills, an amazingly committed and effective rugby force, throughout Ontario and beyond.

He oversees our team sales and service department and he excels. We have two new artists on board and have worked out some truly original applique and printing options- imagine old school meets sexy. We are lucky and proud to have chosen to serve rugby, and only rugby, a sport where our customers cannot help but be passionate about what they love.

New offers, new structure, new website!, new finance terms and much more are here. We are still in our same charming store, north of Atlanta, privy to a robust, inspiring rugby scene.  Please come by and see us.

We are still 100% committed to you and to rugby. Welcome.