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For what you ask?

We put  some of our best offers for teams and the option to sign up in one handy place.  We also believe in the good old-fashioned phone call, so please, give us a ring with any interests, ideas, special timelines, fund-raising prospects.  Over our years in business, we have seen so much moved, grooved, and sorted through phone calls. Remember, we were around before most folks even had email, and way before your cell phone, if you had one, could fit in your rugby shorts’ pocket!

800 RUGBY US  — easy for a reason —
Please see a description of many of our programs below. Most sign ups can be organized
by emailing us your details and interest to teamservice@ballsoutrugby.com.

New– Special Team Account Service Packages
New site- a great time to add some more benefits to our team supply side.
We are adding to our sponsorship programs.

Introducing the new BALL’S OUT! Rugby sponsorship levels: STARTER, STAR, AND MVP.

Now, upgrading to a STAR or MVP account is a GREAT idea. Even with the STARTER package, we
add value- half price shipping, and free t’s…. and signing up is simple & fast.

A brief glimpse of some of the benefits:

All STARTER accounts pay half price shipping on all team orders.
STAR accounts receive additional discounts when buying two items (bags, kit).
MVP accounts never pay for basic shipping and get discounts off of overnighted goods and the like.

Want details? Just email us: teamservice@ballsoutrugby.com or call!

Some Classic Team Programs:
We all know rugby costs money. Fortunately for you, BALL’S OUT! Rugby consistently offers low pricing to all players. But, for high school and collegiate players as well as military personnel, funds are often still a problem.  For these players, we offer the Student and Military Discount Programs (SDP/MDP). It works like this:
5% off all your purchases.
50% off ground shipping!
Getting the discounts are easy! When you place an on-line order…
Your discounts will be automatically applied. For phone orders, simply tell the customer service representative that you are a student or member of the military and what school you attend or military unit you are in. That’s all there is to it!


The Shopper’s Key Rebate (Affiliate) Program allows your club and/or union to get rebates on the purchases made by your team, players, and fans from the BALL’S OUT! Rugby On-line Store as well as any purchases made over the phone or via the fax. The program is simple and does not require any extra effort from your team. We handle all the administration and accounting. You get the money!
Here’s how it works…

We will assign your club a unique Shopper’s Key (ex: ATLRFC08)
We will then provide the HTML code for an affiliate link that you can insert into your website
Then, when your players and fans are looking to purchase rugby gear and apparel, they can use this link on your site to access our secure BALL’S OUT! Rugby On-line Store and your club will automatically receive a 5% rebate on all their purchases.
This rebate applies to individual as well as team orders such as jerseys, shorts, and field equipment. We will be happy to provide an email that you can send out to your members which will explain the program, its benefits, and how to use it.

In addition to your rebate using the Affiliate link from your website, the Shopper’s Key can also be used for Internet orders NOT originating from your website as well as with ALL phone and fax orders.

To receive your team’s rebate…

On online orders, enter your team’s Shopper’s Key in the appropriate field when checking out
On phone or fax orders, supply the Key when placing the order.
Using the program this way will generate the same 5% rebate. This program can obviously add up as a great fundraiser for your club. Your credit stays on your account for up to 2 years but you wouldn’t want to wait that long to take advantage of easy money.

For details and to sign up for this program, call us at 800-RUGBY US or email us your questions. Your club can also join our Team Merchandise Program and make even more money!


This program is designed to follow through on the first cornerstone of our business, service. (Service. Quality. Innovation. Our magic three.) We include a V.I.C. card in most orders allowing you (and any buddies you would like to share the code with) to receive 10% off of our online prices – even SALE ITEMS! They do have expiration dates, so don’t wait too long to use it. The code can be emailed to your team if you wish. These cards are also available at tournaments we vend, so be sure to ask for one.

Getting the discount is easy! When you place an on-line order…

When checking out, select the V.I.C. Discount
Enter the code off the V.I.C. card in the appropriate field
Click on the Enable Discount button.
Your discount will be automatically applied.

This is just one of the ways we show you that we appreciate your business. We have also been known to throw in a free magazine or sticker or two.

Students and Military Personnel are also eligible for our Student/Military Discount Program and your club can also join our Shopper’s Key Rebate Program and Team Merchandise Program and make even more money!  

This fund raising program is set up to allow rugby teams to bring in much-needed funds for their clubs and to produce quality team goods that are available to new and old team members and fans year round.
Rewarding those teams with a little initiative and creativity, we set up and stock your team merchandise, making it available on one of the Web’s most popular rugby sites as well as many of the tournaments we vend, and provide a sizeable amount of each sale to your team. Please keep in mind that all items and ideas are possible!

We find that many folks from all over the world are interested in “other team’s” gear. We find also that (imagine!) your teammates and supporters want your gear, too.

Get signed up and start making a bit of cash for your club. Most items earn you between $5-7 per item. that’s no small percentage!