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Our Mission
BALL’S OUT! Rugby intends to provide the best in rugby supply by excelling in the three cornerstones of our business – service, quality, and innovation – in every decision and effort we make. We support all ruggers, male, female, part-timers, old-timers, and youth, in their quest to play and enjoy the best sport ever!

Our Privacy Guarantee
BALL’S OUT! Rugby guarantees that it will never sell or, in any way, make available your address, email or payment information to any other company or organization.

Our Quality Guarantee We proudly stand behind all of our products 100%. If any item proves defective within 30 days, we will promptly repair or replace it at no charge. In addition, if you order a non customized item that does not work for you for whatever reason, you can return the unused item within 30 days for complete refund or exchange. We make every effort to earn your continued support.

Team Service Policies

  • We require proof approval for all custom work. And we get you your proof as soon as possible, every time.
  • We will provide your order in the timeline agreed upon.
  • We are available during business hours to help you in any way.
  • We will chase down a UPS truck for you, walk through customs, and even schlep through the depths of our warehouse for you.
  • Our policy in short? We are here for you!