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Thanks for checking out this input vehicle!

We have a fun poll going on the side of many pages of our site, but we have a few rotating questions here for you. We value your input and if you email your answers to us [at least 5 of them!] and place an order for anything with us, we will add a free T-shirt to your order.

So, take the time to let us know some details and reward yourself. You can skip ones, if you wish.

Just paste these questions into an email and send them and your answers to us at rugby@ballsout.com!


1. What are some of your favorite rugby moments?

2. What items do we not carry that you would like to see?

3. What has been your most effective piece of rugby gear?

4. Do you train in performance gear? What kinds?

5. Do you have a favorite international player? If so, who?

6. Do you have a favorite backline play? Which?

7. Which team(s) are you supporting during the Rugby World Cup?

8. Why do you like rugby…? [in a few words/sentences]